30 days of health

My week amongst nature, 3 reason why you should get outside.

How often do we just sit and embrace the true beauty the world has to offer us? I know before this week is was hardly ever!

Before I embarked on this journey I was reluctant and hesitant because well as if just going outside and sitting under the sun could do anything for me, Like really? I understood that trees create oxygen but other than that I didn’t really see the benefit except for a solid tan with a dose of vitamin D.

As the week progressed I started to realise just how much taking in the sun rays and watching the leaves Brussel through the afternoon wind had an impact on my day to day life. Now, You may be think “one week and you feel a change yeah sure” but just give it a go yourself and see how much your life improves over the week.

Below are just three reason why should start heading out the door under the sun, beneath the trees embracing the wind on your skin.

It reduces stress 🙌🏼

Throughout the week I had noticed a slight change in my reaction to everyday occurrences. Normally it doesn’t take much to get me flying of the handle but I was generally less stressed. It’s hard to explain the way nature kind of sucked my stress straight out of me leaving me with a positive peaceful experience, Five minutes in and I forgot all my problems and truly embraced the beauty of the world we live in.

It was like magic

a peaceful and blissful moment that you don’t get everyday during our hustle and bustle of the constant rush of society. I mean think about it yourself how many times do you actually go outside in a week?

Increases energy 💪🏼

The beginning of the week finding motivation well it was like try to find a needle in a hay stack and then to get up to go outside or even bring myself to complete the hour outside I won’t lie it wasn’t easy but what was, was finding excuses I’m lazy and not afraid but I still pushed trough. By the third day I didn’t even have to think about it I was actually planning what I was going to do during that hour. My daily routine because easier, less exhausting instead of at the end of the day feeling like I could completely crash out from exhaustion I felt relaxed, calmed and not in

ah finally I have my feet up kind of way but a peaceful serenity.

Increases mood 😃

With the help of nature Decreasing stress it’s only natural that my mood would improve. I was amazed how much nature actually did and could effect my mood to determine how happy I felt throughout my day regardless of any situation that was thrown at me I generally felt I could handle it I’m okay. I’m not a nature influencer normally but after the week I had I see why so many people love the outdoors.

The feeling is not describable because I’m sure many people felt different but I know that it was all positive. It’s a feeling of enjoyment, peace wholeness.

Clarity 🙌🏼

I noticed while spending my hour outside embracing the sun, wind and trees surrounding me that my mind was in a clear state. Almost in like a meditation state, This clarity I felt helped me daily to achieve my set task. With this clarity I didn’t have any nonsense clogging up my mind so is easy to make decisions And normally my middle name is indecisiveness 😂

I can’t express how much nature truely benefited me this week, well not just me but Bella my pup. I will continue to keep my hour outdoors as the sunset so I can embrace the beauty we have been gifted with.

Have you discovered any changes in yourself with regular outdoor trips? let me know in the comments below

Again a massive thank you to those that take the time out of their day to read my words may god bless you 🙌🏼

Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the read 🙂

For now Jade x


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